Pokemon Sword and Shield New Leaks

So lately, ever since Pokemon Sword and Shield became available for pre-loading on the Nintendo Switch, there’s been a lot of leaks released on the internet about these two games. These leaks include possible evolutions of the starter Pokemons.  Do you guys think that these information were extracted from preloading the game? Let us know on the comments below.

This post will show some of the leaks that we found so far from different sources.

First, there’s a new Pokemon that looks like a scary centipede. According to this picture, it is named as Centiskorch. Well, based on its name, I guess this one is a fire-type Pokemon. I am not sure though if it’s a pure fire Pokemon or if it’s gonna be a fire-bug type one.

Centiskorch Pokemon

The next one looks like a longer centipede, which is probably what the evolution of Centiskorch would look like. We don’t know the name of this Pokemon yet but we’ll definitely find out once the game is officially released.

centiskorch evolution

After that, we got a new version of Meowth, most likely its Galarian form. By the looks of it, this may be a dark or ghost type version of Meowth. It looks a bit scary though.

galarian meowth

And of course, if we have a Galarian Meowth, we also have its evolution, Galarian Persian. However, some sources say that the name of this Pokemon would be Persekker or something like that and not Persian. That makes sense since this Pokemon does not look like Persian at all. It stands upright and not on four legs like Persian. By its design (and name) it will most likely be a Fighting or Dark Fighting type of Pokemon.

galarian meowth evolution Persekker

So this is what Meowth’s evolutionary line looks line. At the top, it’s the normal version of Meowth and Persian. In the middle, it’s the Alolan forms, both of which were introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. And lastly, the bottom ones are their potential Galarian forms (if these leaks are true). To be honest, I find the Galarian Persian, or Persekker to be cool. If this is its true design it will definitely have a place on my Pokemon team.

Meowth evolution Line Pokemon Sword and Shield

Next we have Grookey and Sobble’s possible evolution. By the looks of it, these are most likely their second evolution and not the final one. Sobble looks a lot different from its pre-evolution form, and Grookey’s evolution reminds me of Chespin’s second evolution and Pangoro. Not sure why.

grookey and sobble evolution

Next we have a Fox Pokemon. This reminds me of Ninetales but I am pretty sure this is not Galarian Ninetales. Probably this would be a brand new Pokemon. And from the looks of it, this is not its primary form. It might have evolved from a smaller fox. I guess we’ll find out once the game comes out.

Fox Pokemon

After that, we now see a picture of what looks like a possible evolution of Lapras. Several years after, Gamefreak’s favorite surf Pokemon is finally getting an evolution. We don’t know the name of this Pokemon for now, but it will most likely be a Water-Ice type Pokemon.

Lapras possible evolution and Machamp Galarian

At the bottom of the picture, we also see a different variation of Machamp. This would probably be its Galarian form. We haven’t seen a Galarian form of its pre-evolutions yet though.

We also saw what looks like a possible evolution for Scorbunny. The name of this Pokemon is CInderace. We aren’t sure yet if this is its second or final evolution though. The picture seems to have been taken from the game itself, so someone must have already been able to play the game. The design of Scorbunny’s evolution reminds me of Blaziken. The picture, however, shows this is a pure Fire type Pokemon.


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