Things I Noticed After Playing Pokemon Sword and Shield

So, what’s new with Pokemon Sword and Shield?

So, I tried playing the game (specifically Pokemon Shield) for a short time and here’s what I noticed.

First, I tried configuring the in-game settings and I found some interesting things about these new Pokemon games. These games finally have an auto-save feature (as announced) which is what’s lacking with the previous Pokemon games. This allows us to finally play the game for hours peacefully without worrying whether we’ve already saved the game or not. This also prevents progress lost when the game/console shuts down unexpectedly after long hours of playing. This option can be turned on and off so you still have an option to save your progress in the traditional way.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Battles

What’s more interesting is since recent Pokemon games have started being more story-driven and incorporating cut scenes into the game, Pokemon Sword and Shield now also allow you to turn off or skip those movies. This would most likely be useful for those players who don’t care much about the story or do not like watching cut scenes at all when playing games. This allows them to just get back to playing the game instead of being forced to watch.

Extensive Sound Control on Pokemon Sword and Shield

Also, unlike on previous Pokemon games, Sword and Shield now gives you an option to configure the in-game sound settings. It allows you to adjust the following individually:

  • Volume of the background music
  • Sound effects
  • Pokemon cries 

So if, for example, you do not want to hear the Pokemon cries anymore, you can simply set its volume to the lowest and still be able to hear the background music and sound effects. Even though this option can only be accessed once you have a Key Item called Hi-tech Earbuds, I think it’s still pretty cool that a Pokemon game is now allowing us to do this.


The game also looks pretty good even while on handheld. I haven’t personally tried playing it while docked, but I think it would look better once it’s docked. I believe Nintendo Switch games have downgraded graphics on handheld to conserve battery. If that’s the case with Pokemon, then the resolution would probably scale up a bit once it is connected to a TV.

What's New on Pokemon Sword and Shield

Game Experience

Remember being unable to play Pokemon for quite a while, only to play it again with no idea where you left off? Now that’s not a problem anymore! The in-game menu of Pokemon Sword and Shield now has a reminder of your next mission in the game.

Also, if you haven’t noticed it yet, the Nintendo Switch displayed on your character’s room has the same Joy-con colors as the Joy-cons you’re using to play the game! It turns to gray when you use a pro controller though.

The game also now features an ability to lure nearby Pokemon using a “whistle” function. You can whistle by simply pressing the left analog on your controller. You can also perform a cool spinning action by simply rotating your left analog a few times. Not to mention that it’s also useful for evolving certain types of Pokemons – like Milcery into Alcremie.

Pokemon guide sword and shield

I’ll probably add more details to this article as I progress through the game. Overall, despite the games’ shortcomings, I think these are still pretty decent to somewhat great games. I guess it would be more reasonable if they’re judged independently instead of being compared to previous Pokemon games. Personally, I’d rather enjoy what’s there instead of pointing out what’s missing. After all, no single game or software is considered perfect and has it all.

Pokémon Sword and Shield will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch tomorrow (November 15). These games are packed with a new variety of Pokémons. The game’s size is estimated at around 9.5 GB according to Nintendo’s website. If you’re going digital, make sure to clear some space on your Switch. If you prefer having a physical copy though, you can purchase them below:

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